What to Expect

Traditional & Relevant — Engaging & Inspiring
Worship is central to our life together at Hyde Park Union Church. Through songs and silence, prayers and preaching, we offer our grateful response to the love of God, support one another in fellowship, and prepare to serve our urban community in Christian love.

Here traditional hymns are interwoven with classical music, gospel, jazz, and bluegrass. The children’s sermon is a thoughtful prelude to the sermon for the adults – in each the preacher engages listeners in an exploration of scripture and its application to our personal lives and our world. During the school year, the children’s choir leads the congregation into worship, while the adult choir sings inspiring anthems and leads the congregation in singing. Finally, we include two moments of contemplative silence in the midst of worship, encouraging a centered calmness and peace in the presence of God.

Welcoming & Inclusive
We practice a welcoming spirit, as we connect Christian faith to our diverse urban community. We employ prayers and music from a wide range of cultures and time periods – both traditional and more contemporary. Through worship and preaching, we engage the personal and social challenges of modern urban living. Together, we commit to follow Christ with integrity and love – seeking humility and peace in our hearts, justice and mercy in our world.

Everyone is welcome. Our members have diverse backgrounds and beliefs; we encourage inquiry and discussion; and we commit to support one another in Christian faith and love. We are a “welcoming and affirming” congregation, and we use inclusive language, where appropriate, in prayers and preaching. Please “come as you are.” Some of our members “dress up” for church, some where jeans, most wear “business casual.” Wear what is comfortable, and join us in worship and fellowship.

We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month as a time of remembrance, renewal, and recommitment to our covenant with Christ and one another. We practice open communion. All who seek to follow Christ are invited to partake. Children participate at the discretion of their parents.

A very special and meaningful celebration of Communion takes place on Holy Thursday when the memorial of the Last Supper is observed in the context of a community meal.