Engaging the Word, Connecting with our World
Good preaching is very important to our congregation. Through the sermon we hear scripture interpreted and learn to interpret it for ourselves. With pastoral insight, the sermon weaves together the Word of God and our experiences in the world. We see connections made between ancient sacred texts and our daily lives and cares. We are invited and inspired to stronger faith in God, deeper compassion toward one another, greater service in Christ’s name, and more expansive hope and love for the world.

Deepening Our Commitment
There are no taboo subjects in our preaching, though it is very important to us that a breadth of experience, opinion, and conviction, be respected and encouraged. Every sermon is an invitation to deeper commitment to Christ; many sermons conclude with calls to action and the promise of transformation in our lives. Throughout the year, we also welcome occasional guest preachers of the highest caliber, who keep us engaged in Christian perspectives beyond our own congregation. We want to hear a substantive Christian message that speaks to how we should live our faith in the world.

Children’s Sermon
The Children’s Sermon, though shorter and often more participatory, is as important to us as the sermon for the adult congregation, and follows the scripture and themes of the day.

Our pastors preach from the Revised Common Lectionary, a three-year cycle of weekly scripture readings used by Protestant churches throughout the world. The lectionary provides readings from the Hebrew Bible, Psalms, the Gospels and Epistles, and reflects the Church Year and its major holidays.