Hyde Park Taizé

First Fridays at 7:00 p.m.
Ecumenical Worship in the Spirit of Taizé began at HPUC on Good Friday 2010, and from the beginning, we have welcomed the leadership and participation of other Christians and faith communities from our south side neighborhood. Taizé blends scripture and meditative worship with silence and candle-light. Every month, area residents, students and visitors, and other spiritual pilgrims join us in seeking the peace of Christ for ourselves, our city, and our world.

Taizé began in post-war Europe out of an ecumenical commitment to blend prayer and music with concerns for reconciliation and social justice. It is in a Spirit of unity and prayer that social justice and loving service begin, and Taizé worship fosters this Spirit through accessible choruses and chants, prayerful contemplation and silent meditation, and the communal lighting of candles. Learn more about The International Taizé Community.

All are Welcome
We are always looking for greeters, cantors, readers, and musicians to support and enrich our Taizé Worship. If you or your community would like to participate or join us in leadership, please let us know.

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