Annual Budget
The Church’s annual budget is determined by the congregation at its Annual Financial Meeting every January. Actual budget planning and pledging begins months before. In early October, at the Annual Program Meeting, the congregation discusses priorities for the coming year, which are then reflected in the budget proposed by the Property and Finance Committee and the Church Board.

Annual Pledges
Annual pledges to the church budget by members and friends allow us to anticipate expenses and to plan for new initiatives. Pledges may be paid weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually during the budget year. A number of people send their pledges in the mail. Sunday offerings consist of pledges and additional gifts.

All church members are encouraged to support the Church with their time, abilities, and financial resources. In November, a letter from the Church Board and pledge cards are sent to every member and friend of the Church. These pledges help to determine the actual budget for the coming year.

Wider Mission
Ten percent of all regular congregational giving is committed by our budget to wider mission within and beyond our two denominations, in our community and the larger world. Members and Friends are also encouraged throughout the year to contribute to additional giving.

To submit your pledge, please email the church office at or call 773.363.6063.