Additional Giving

The following are additional forms of giving – beyond what our members and friends pledge in regular offerings – that support our wider mission, emergency relief, and church property.

Communion Offerings
Monthly communion offerings support local mission and emergency relief. These gifts exceed the congregation-wide tithe to mission, or the ten percent we commit to wider mission each year.

Children’s Mission Project
Children learn the fundamental principles of ecumenical cooperation and community-based economic development through our support for Saint Martin de Porres and Heifer International. They hold fund raisers throughout the year – including the Thanksgiving Offering and Animal Poetry – and dedicate their own mission check each June.

Capital Funds
Occasionally the church will undertake a special capital campaign to fund renovation or enhancement of our church property. Recent examples include restoration of our historic stained glass (1996), renovation of the sanctuary (2006), and the enhancement of our pipe organ and addition of handicap accessibility to our sanctuary, social hall, restrooms, and church office (2012). Capital campaigns are planned by the congregation and the Church Board.

Named Gifts
Memorial gifts are given upon the death of a church member. Named funds are established whenever total donations exceed $500. Bequests and other named gifts are accepted at the discretion of the Church Board. Unrestricted gifts allow the future church flexibility in meeting its needs and ministries, but the church is also open to receiving restricted gifts which are suitable to our identity and mission.